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Born in Columbia, MD, it became apparent at a young age that David was excited about going fast. It wasn’t racing that caught his attention, it was fast exotic cars. The first time David saw a Porsche, he was in love. He begged his dad the owner of BMW M5, to let him drive. However, he was only six years old. His dad said no to driving the car but introduced him to ATVs instead.  David’s dad figured ATVs would be a good way to see if he would be interested in not only learning the skills needed to safely operate an ATV, but if he was interested in learning the mechanics. It worked!

After progressing throughout the years on the ATV trail and track David was ready for more. At the age of fifteen the more was competing in the 450cc class of motocross racing, and both indoor and outdoor karting leagues and races.


The following year David took part in the Lucas Oil School of Racing and completed both the two-day basic and two-day advanced course and was invited to their scholarship shootout, which he performed well for not having years of karting experience under his belt.  Next, David took part in the Honda F4 US Championship testing with Alliance Racing, and subsequently joined the team.  Competing in the F4 US Championship, with Alliance racing, David continued to progress in pace and speed. Unfortunately, David could not finish the 2020 season nor 2021 due to funding.

Although David was not on the track, he was still sharpening his racing skills on his home simulator. Realizing that racing requires drivers to be fit, David also continued working at the gym to keep his physical and mental strength up. He also adopted a plant based diet.

In 2022 David was awarded the Parella Holdings Diversity Scholarship and Future Star Racing Wings and Wheels Foundation Scholarship which provided enough financial resources to pilot a race car once again for the F4 US Championship.

  The first race at NOLA proved to David that with the right opportunities and proper development he can be successful as an amateur race car driver. At NOLA he started dead last, due to a penalty in qualifying, he finished in 7th place; showcasing great race craft and pace.

Unfortunately, the relationship with Future Star Racing would not continue recently awarded the opportunity to move up into FR Americas David proceeded to test and take part in a winter series where he dominated over everyone with two pole positions along with winning two back to back races and having the fastest lap in each race. 




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