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David Burketh is a race car driver with the ultimate goal of becoming an factory driver. Often asked why he chose motorsports competition, Burketh's answer shares his childhood dream of going fast on a race track and his passion for developing his mind, body, and spirit that he realizes the demands of competitive motorsports requires.

Race Car drivers must learn to focus and recall more than one thing at a time, not only for winning races, which come less often than losing them, but for my safety, race officials, fans, and my competitors. To put it another way, a race car driver should never be in a race thinking about what's for dinner, according to Burketh.

Burketh says race car drivers should also be in good physical shape. Race car drivers are jerked around a lot, which is just as fun as it sounds. It can be painful. Just as cars need fuel to function, so do race car drivers, and fueling the body includes good eating habits. Between testing and race days, racers need a lot of energy. Lastly, Burketh feels strongly about the importance of a calm spirit; it might be easy to give up without a calm spirit. Remember, losses come easier than wins, and it may be easy to give up without a calm spirit.

Lastly, the world of motorsports has taught Burketh the importance of bringing awareness and giving back to issues and causes that are important for him, Autism being one. Autism affects many children in the U.S., and my nephew and niece are among those on the autism spectrum. I plan on bringing awareness in multiple ways throughout my career.




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